call for proposals

Ystudios is requesting proposals for scripted series with social impact

Here at Ystudios, we believe that popular media such as television can be a major instigator of social change. We now seek to lay the groundwork for anticipated changes to come.

To this end, we call on creators to submit proposals for scripted series that express our studio’s values by advocating for social and political impact on global issues such as disruptive technologies, the climate crisis, challenges to democracy, and the rise of populism. We are looking for scripts that tell the stories of those unique heroes, who contend with challenges such as racism, gender inequality, the patriarchy, misogyny, and the struggle of the individual against authority and authoritarianism.

Courage, responsibility, and a commitment to action are the values we are highlighting in this call. The chosen works will receive funding and professional support, as well as exposure in the international market.

Proposals can be submitted in English or Hebrew. They must not exceed 2,000 words.
Each proposal should include:

  • An abbreviated statement of intent, explaining why the proposal is in accord with the studio’s values;
  • A brief synopsis for the season, not to exceed 1,000 words;
  • A detailed description of the main characters, not to exceed 500 words;
  • The genre, number of episodes, and length;
  •  A single-page resumé.
  • The proposals must contain original material owned exclusively by the authors, and which is not currently submitted to any third party.

The proposal must be submitted no later than March 15, 2023. The authors must have practical experience in writing for television, film, or the stage, or in literary publishing. No more than two proposals should be submitted by a single author.

Once the submission date has passed, the proposals will be reviewed by a professional team representing the studio. The studio will inform the authors of its decisions in
approximately one month’s time. The selected projects will be invited to take part in for further development, with the studio’s financial and artistic backing. Upon completion of the development process, which will last several months, the studio will promote the
selected projects for sale in the international market.

The call for proposals has ended

The deadline for the submission of proposals has passed (03/15/2023 at 11:59:59 p.m. IST).

We thank all applicants for their interest and invite you to stay tuned for the next call for proposals.