Itzik Yahav

Co-founder and partner

Itzik is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and the co-founder and president of the Yahav-Harari Group Ltd., YNH International Office and Sapienship. He was the agent and personal manager responsible for spreading Prof. Yuval Noah Harari’s books worldwide, and has been Yuval’s life partner since 2002.

Favorite show: Borgen

Why: A powerful, relevant political drama, well written and clever, with strong, complex, and layered female characters, dealing with real, every-day moral choices.

Shilo Debeer

Co-founder and partner

Shilo ran newsrooms, launched streaming services, discovered talents. He loves stories in all forms and formats.

Favorite show: The Bureau

Why: Tight, gripping, thought provoking narrative. Amazing writing and acting performances.

Gilad Atlacevitz

Chief Operating Officer

Gilad comes from a background in government affairs, business management, and big-budget operations. He strives to make social change through new enterprises.

Favorite show: The Sopranos

Why: The greatest fictional depiction of the Italian-American Mafia on screen yet was still able to ‘waltz’ through the most pressing controversies of life: The patriarchy, mental illness, and gender roles.

Itay Stern

Head of Content

Itay comes from a journalism background focusing on T.V. and media, arts, films, and entertainment. He is an Israeli LGBT activist who uses his writing to raise awareness about these issues.

Favorite show: I May Destroy You

Why: Michaela Coel proved that you could tell a story about the biggest traumas in life without using any cliché or a 10 lb. hammer. Her unique voice is a great example of how we should address other big challenges, with bold and fearless stories that get into your heart and mind.