about us

Ystudios is a Social Impact Entertainment studio, founded by Itzik Yahav. It is a proud member of the Sapienship family.

Our studios specialize in developing original, innovative, and entertaining storytelling, which stimulate the visual and auditory imagination and ignite positive behavioral change.







Freedom of Thought and Expression

What inspires us

Television rewrote all the rules. Today, in the era of “peak TV,” hundreds of new series are being scripted every year in Hollywood alone. The result is an endless flood of stories, each trying to penetrate our consciousness and leave a lasting mark on us.

And yet, too many of the stories flickering on our screens seem oblivious, if not powerless, to address the barrage of major issues confronting our planet.

Here at Ystudios, we believe that popular culture can cause people to rethink their attitudes toward the most important problems that humanity is facing: the collapse of democracy, the rise of populism, the looming climate crisis, racism, and the unlimited power amassed by new technology giants. And these are just some of the problems that we believe must be addressed now. Since its inception, television has been a major agent of cultural transformation. We are here to lay a new groundwork for a generation of changes that still lies ahead.